Effective Information Sharing through Industrywide Collaboration
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Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our Vision

To be an agile, cost effective, global commercial aviation industry enabled through effective and efficient information sharing.

1.  Agility:

  • Business models can be effectively adjusted in a timely manner as conditions require
  • Information is as dynamic as the business environment

2.  Cost effective:

  • Minimal data processing for distribution or consumption
  • Information is complete and ready for consumption when provided
  • All data dependencies are known

Our Mission

Establish a global commercial aviation industry information framework that facilitates improved business agility, reduces costs, increases speed of business, and maintains the highest level of safety. Guiding principles and goals for the framework are

1.  Information-centric rather than document-centric with a goal to:

  • Reduce data redundancy
  • Structure data for optimized use
  • Maximize reuse of data
  • Facilitate transformation and repurposing of information, including document-based formats if applicable

2.  Platform neutral - open architecture, with a goal to:

  • Reduce software/hardware costs
  • Reduce barriers to entry for trading partners

3.  Consistent data structures, definitions and properties across all applications of the data, with a goal to:

  • Increase accuracy, timeliness and reliability of data
  • Reduce divergence in data standards
  • Reduce data maintenance costs

4.  Leverage other standards where applicable (e.g., ISO, PKI), with a goal to:

  • Reduce standards development time/costs
  • Increase interoperability across industries
  • Facilitate higher quality standards
  • Reduce implementation time/costs

5.  Enable an appropriate level of data security for the application

6.  Meet all applicable regulatory requirements

Our Strategy

Below is a diagram that depicts the ongoing strategy to reach the vision and mission above: