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ATA e-Business Specifications

For over forty years, the commercial aviation industry has worked together through a joint international effort to establish specifications for improving business processes and information exchange. Administered and published by the Air Transport Association (ATA) e-Business Program, these international specifications have evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry and to embrace the latest technological advances in information exchange (see Change Request Process). As a result, airlines and suppliers have seen dramatic improvements in data efficiency, security and consistency, and have experienced a significant reduction in the time required for delivery and retrieval of operationally critical information. The following is a list of specifications developed and maintained by the ATA e-Business Program. 

Members of the ATA e-Business Program may gain immediate access to all these specifications at no additional cost.


Non-members may purchase the specifications individually at the following link:



ATA Spec 2000: E-Business Specification for Materiels Management

ATA Spec 2000, Chapter 9: Automated Identification and Data Capture

ATA iSpec 2200: Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance

ATA iSpec 2200 Extract: ATA Standard Numbering System

ATA Spec 2300: Data Exchange Standard for Flight Operations

ATA Spec 42: Aviation Industry Standards for Digital Information Security

ATA Common Support Data Dictionary (CSDD)

ATA Spec 100: Manufacturers Technical Data

ATA Spec 101: Ground Equipment Technical Data

ATA Spec 1000BR: Civil Aviation S1000D Business Rules

World Airlines and Suppliers Guide (WASG)


Complimentary Downloads (PDF) 

ATA Spec 2000, Chapter 12: Surplus Database (supports ATA Aviation Marketplace)

ATA Spec 2000, Chapter 2: Procurement Database (supports ATA Aviation Marketplace)

Model of Applicability (MOA) Code List

ATA Spec 2000, Chapter 16:  Electronic Product and Part Regulatory Documentation (includes XML Schemas).  Available at no cost.

  • ATA e-Business Program members:  Click HERE to download the 2009.1 version of Spec 2000, Chapter 16.

  • Non-Members:  Visit the A4A Publications web site to download the 2009.1 version of Spec 2000, Chapter 16.

S1000D, International Specification for Technical Publications (developed in collaboration with ASD and AIA).  Note:  This link connects to an external web site