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Welcome to the ATA e-Business Program, where the global commercial aviation industry collaborates to create standards for information exchange to support engineering, maintenance, materiel management and flight operations. Members include airlines, aerospace manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, repair agencies, software providers and consultants who jointly develop a variety of standards used to make information exchange easier and more efficient. As a result, airlines and suppliers have seen dramatic improvements in data efficiency, security and consistency, and have experienced a significant reduction in the time required for delivery and retrieval of operationally critical information.

Membership in the Program is open to all companies within the aviation industry. Upon joining, you will have access to the Participant-only Area which will allow you to join a number of functional interest groups, participate in industry working groups and project teams, observe progress and help guide and direct  the standards that shape our industry. 

Vision:   Enable the seamless exchange and availability of digital information throughout the aviation industry.

Mission: Provide the aviation industry with benchmark information standards in support of aircraft maintenance and operations. We are committed to evolving shared standards and promoting implementation to contribute to increased business agility and reduced costs, while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

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