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​​​​​​​​​​Change Request Pro​​cess Overview

Requests for changes to ATA e-Business specifications undergo comprehensive reviews by subject matter and technical experts to ensure that they meet the industry's requirements.  In addition, they are reviewed by the ATA e-Business Steering Group to determine that they are consistent with the overall ATA e-Business Vision and Mission​.

Change requests can take one of two forms:

Spec-Ready change requests provide a detailed and complete description of the proposed specification changes.  These should include attachments showing the spec pages being changed and the precise wording of the proposed changes.   Spec-Ready CRs are generally used for simpler, less comprehensive changes.

Project Proposals require additional work to fully develop the detailed requirements and proposed specification changes.  They are generally used as the basis for launching a project and forming a Project Team to work the details.

 The following diagram describes the high-level steps that a Change Request (CR) goes through:

 Change Request Process Description 
  1. Change Request (CR) Form submitted to ATA (Change Request Form​)
  2. ATA verifies that CR Form is complete and clear
    • Works with submitter to correct and complete CR Form as required
  3. ATA logs, posts, and assigns CR to the appropriate Functional Interest Group (FIG) and/or Integration Working Group (IWG)
  4. FIG/IWG reviews and discusses CR
    • Uses online ballot to facilitate the consensus process
    • Minimum FIG/IWG review period – 3 weeks
  5. ATA posts CR for public review and comment
    • Minimum public review period – 2 weeks
  6. FIG/IWG reviews and responds to public comments
    • Modifies CR as desired
  7. FIG/IWG delivers CR to e-Business Steering Group (ESG)
    • Minimum 2 weeks prior to ESG meeting
  8. ESG reviews CR and makes one of the following determinations
    • Approved as written
    • Approved with modifications
    • Disapproved
    • Deferred for future consideration
    • Returned to FIG/IWG for further work
  9. ATA advises CR submitter of the ESG decision
  10. Approved CRs are referred to ATA Spec Editor for incorporation into next revision of the specification​​